Recent and Ongoing Commissions
The Hurlingham Sphere project Thales: Client - Cryoservice

Copper and Naval brass with fibre optic lighting. Sphere diameter 2 metres.

Large Thales commissioned for Cryoservice, Worcester. Stainless steel. Hight 3.8 metres


Oculus: Hailes Abbey Timaeus (Client - Welsh Water)

One thousand squares of lapis lazuli, slate, Bath stone and paving . Sited in the nave of Hailes Abbey. Gloucestershire.

Commissioned by English Heritage as part of the "year of the artist' celebrations in 2000.

Timaeus Maquette for a large watersculpture in bronze. To be sited in Cardiff in 2004 proposed height 7 metres. High pressure water jets collide to form a vortex of energy.

Fibre optic cables introduce high intensity light into the water jets. The light travels inside the water itself until the point of collision, where it is refracted in a spectacular display of light and colour.


Zenith: Norfolk Council Copper Oculus: Private commission, Oxford

Made while artist in residence at the Observatory of Norwich Astronomical Society as part of the Celestial Festival.

The sculpture comprises of a copper disk, through which is drilled an accurate map of the night sky. This is supported on carbon fibre poles

Copper Cones: Private commission, Surrey Thales: Private commission, Surrey

At night this piece is lit with internal fibre optic cable


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