Small Copper Thales Second Contact

Edition of 10

One of an ongoing series of maquettes in which holes are produced in metal sheets using a variety of tecniques including computer aided design and industrial lasers.

This image consists of 1999 holes inspired by the total eclipse in the same year.

Oak Eclipses Thales

English oak and stainless steel on plinths of Hornton stone. Photographed at Eastnor Castle. Edition of 10

A water sculpture in stainless steel , exhibited in Gloucester cathedral and now installed in the Abbey House Garden, Malmesbury. Artists proof edition of 10


A watersculpture in copper and brass . Height 1.90 m. First shown at the Clifton nurseries garden at Chelsea flower show 1996. - designer Mark Walker. The garden was awarded a gold medal and won the title “best of show”.

The sculpture is available in a limited edition of 12 and can be supplied with a variety of plinth options to suit individual installations.

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