Past Works

Apex Eleusis

A watersculpture in copper and stainless steel. Water cascades gently down a series of suspended bowls. Natural rhythms develop in the flow of the water and sunlight and wind play an integral role to create an ever-changing celebration of light and water.

The version pictured here, for a small courtyard garden, measures 1.20 m , to the apex, but the concept can easily be scaled up or down to suit a specific location.

Here the reservoir, pump and filter are buried beneath a thin layer of gravel. A trapdoor makes maintenance simple. This arrangement ensures that the pump is completely silent. A hierarchy of sound from high to low as the water trickles from small to large bowls is an important element to this sculpture.

A watersculpture in Hornton tone and concrete for the Orchard Centre Garden at Gloucester Royal Hospital.

One of a series of experimental low budget pieces at the Hospital , designed by myself but partially realised using voluntary labour.

Here paving slabs, recycled from the site, have been cut and polished with diamond abrasives to form the plinth.

Helios I Half Moon

Portland stone on a greenheart plinth. A sundial and solar calendar, shafts of light shine through the slots, marking the passage of each hour.

A watersculpture in Portland stone and stainless steel. Eton College.

Greenstones Taliesin

A suite of six watersculptures in Hornton stone and Welsh slate private commission Solihull.

A watersculpture in Purbeck stone and slate on a stainless steel armature . Height appx. 1 50m.

Oxford Helios XII Oak Apples

Portland stone. The three elements describe the sun paths accross the site on the Winter and Summer solstices and the equinoxes respectively.

A watersculpture in Oak on the sculpture trail at Lower Bockhampton, Herefordshire, commissioned by The National Trust.

Sphere Octet

A watersculpture in copper , brass and marble. Commissioned for the h.q. of Generale Des Eaux in St.James , London.

Maquette - c.n.c. laser cut copper Diameter 16 inches.


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