Recent and Ongoing Projects

Helios XXII Princess Diana memorial fountain

"A space for quiet contemplation"

A hemispherical shell is cut with the sunpaths for the summer and winter solstices and this portion is removed. The sun shines on the central pool and is reflected into the shadow in the underside. Inscribed lines record the passage of the hours days and years.

Water is pumped up and down the central stainless tube to create a constant flow of circular ripples that act as a "kinetic bullseye" image in reflection. At a larger scale this may incorporate seating.

First design concept model (design path 1)

In this initial model a sundial and solar calendar sits on top of a conical mound, the sides of which form a cascade. The public would be able to walk up to the sundial (on walkways omitted from this model) to spend time within the sundial space.

The time may be measured by tracking the reflection of the central pool across a scale. Commemorative inscriptions would be written in mirror writing within the pool, so that they would only be read clearly within the reflected image itself.

See the "Helios XXII" project for greater detail of the sundial element.

Tangent Triad

Maquette for a watersculpture in bronze to celebrate cycling .

Selected to for an entrance to the national cycle network for the millenium- a 1,700 mile long route organised by Sustrans


Maquette for a floating watersculpture .

Three high preassure jets collide to form an inverted tetrahedron of spray . Fibre optic illumination within the jets themselves would create the phenomenon of a "floating upside down pyramid" at night.

Helios XIII - North View Helios XIII - South View

An unrealised project where a client wanted a small sculpture, based on the suns altitude at noon through the year, scaled up and developed as a building.

I worked in collaboration with Peter Rice and Arup on the structural engineering.

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